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something fun for today :: vintage vignettes

While we’re still enjoying the glow from the opening of our first mini-show of Francois Coty, we’ve taken the opportunity to make some micro “assemblages” as a previews for upcoming concepts / items to be on display in a more formal show.  Here’s one of my favorites:

a couple of Lucien Lelong ‘hobnail’ bottles.  Hauntingly beautiful.

{originally published 10.26.12}

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Maggie Mahboubian

I treasure my tiny bottle of Indiscret parfum. It is a masterpiece that unfolds exponentially as it dries down.



the  Art Scent Museum room ready to be filled

It’s taken most of the month, but the construction is finished.  A new wall, a new floor, lights and an all hand-painted, completely GOLD room has emerged.  Yes, this is what we envisioned all along, to make the room gold.  Some folks looked at us strangely when describing it but this is what we wanted and it really works: the sense of walking into a jewel box all sparkling… or now that it’s done, like walking into Tutankhamen’s tomb, all splendorous.  And somehow a small, windowless room has been transformed to feel remarkably spacious, comfortable and luxurious even without its precious cargo: the perfumes themselves.

DSH sniffing a 1927 ‘raspberry’ stopper from an early bottle of Lanvin “Arpege” in the gold room

The next step is, of course, the display cases.  Soon come.

For now, we’ll enjoy the glorious gold.

{originally published 7.31.11}

the ArtScent (perfume) Museum

The first wall has just gone up and we’re about to start painting.  It couldn’t be more exciting!  We’ve been cataloging for nearly a year and things are starting to fully manifest; it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL.  The Art Scent Museum.  It’s a dream come true.

So, we’re starting this blog to not only share the development, goings on, and exhibits at the Museum but to share our passion for all things scent!

Welcome to ScentMuse!

{originally published 6.18.11}