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Something wonderful happened a few weeks ago, during the Open Studios event we had at the beginning of the month.  A delightful woman who was looking at paintings at the studio fell in love with the ArtScent Museum and decided to donate her late mom’s perfumes to us.  Of course, we were thrilled as there is always a treasure in the box, among many usual bottles / perfumes that are easy to procure, to help complete our collections or create a point of interest for a theme show.  This particular donation was filled with incredible “preciouses”.  {Yes, that’s a Lord of the Rings reference and it’s how we all feel about each bottle, sample and decant we catalogue.  Each one is true love for one reason or another}.  Exciting isn’t the word to describe the delving into a donation box… JOY is, I think.

You know I felt the need to share some of the treasures. And make some “art shots”, too.  ENJOY~

fabulous vintage Chanel no.5 Eau de Toilette {still sealed}
a great assortment of Lanvin’s Arpege {even a vintage decant!}
micro mini of Le Galion’s Bourrasque {art shot}
I just LOVE this delightful insert. A gem.
Vintage Chanel No.5 Extrait

Gratitude is another word, too.  The one we feel towards our benefactors, large and small.  Thank you.

{originally published 10.31.12}