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the ArtScent (perfume) Museum

The first wall has just gone up and we’re about to start painting.  It couldn’t be more exciting!  We’ve been cataloging for nearly a year and things are starting to fully manifest; it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL.  The Art Scent Museum.  It’s a dream come true.

So, we’re starting this blog to not only share the development, goings on, and exhibits at the Museum but to share our passion for all things scent!

Welcome to ScentMuse!

{originally published 6.18.11}


hello ScentMuse

This is our new blog.  We’re happy to be here.

We’re currently switching over all of our older posts (for continuity) from our old blog.  We’ll publish the original date at the end of each post to catch you up.  Hopefully we’ll get going on more frequent posts soon to tell you all about what’s happening at the ArtScent Museum.