Our passion is aroma.  We celebrate the natural aromatic world as well as our fragrant history.  The ArtScent Museum is dedicated to sharing the richness of perfume design (from bottles and packaging to the aroma art inside) and the artists who have made our lives meaningful and gorgeous for centuries.
Founded by perfumer, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, the ArtScent Museum is the realization of a dream to share the beauty and richness of historical perfumes, art form and package design as well as to speak to the current work of perfumers in relation to their historical context.
As we develop our programs, we wish to have classes and fun evening events in conjunction with the Museum’s collections.  Please contact us for interest in these events, suggestions as to themes for classes and/or events as well as *donations to the Museum.  Our contact email is artscentmuseum at gmail dot com.

* donations are welcome as funding to be used to expand our collections and for printed materials as well as bottles, decants, samples, packages, and graphic art items.  Funding donations can be made via paypal by using our email address. Thank you.


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